About Katz Patient Advocate

Katz Patient Advocate was founded by Myra Katz, a Physician Assistant with a keen interest and experience in oncology who recognizes the need for guidance for both patients and their loved ones through-out their journey. Myra has had a great deal of experience in oncology and understands how difficult this time can be.  Oftentimes, patients are blindsided by their diagnosis, and are fearful and confused at how to best proceed. Add in well meaning friends, family and the need to “fix it now” and the process becomes that much more difficult.

Myra's Patient Advocate Credo

“I felt the frustrations of my patients and their loved ones, as it appeared there was not enough time for care providers to answer all their questions.  Medicine, whether we agree or not, is a business, and the insurance companies often dictate how much time can be spent with patients, what tests can be ordered, and what treatment options are available. Patients may encounter frustrating and fear-inducing roadblocks, while trying to navigate complicated health care and insurance issues and are not trained in advocacy techniques.  I realized, among other issues, many patients are not aware, or unable to articulate their past medical history, and at times, past medical care can have a direct impact on how to proceed with effective treatment.

While I was working as a PA in a cancer center, my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Maneuvering the system was very difficult, even for an experienced medical professional.  I had to advocate to the insurance companies to approve and cover certain tests which were vital to an accurate diagnosis, for appropriate treatment and to be able to make the best decisions for his immediate and long-term care.  I was fortunate to be able to attend most of his medical appointments and I knew the questions to ask.  As a direct result of this diligence and my many years of experience, I recognized that all patients deserve and benefit from having an effective advocate.  For this reason, and I made the decision to leave direct patient care and embark on a mission to bring this kind of Advocacy to patients and their families."


"When we found out that our family member required a bone marrow transplant, and had to have daily treatment at Johns Hopkins Hospital, my husband and I were not sure how to proceed. We contacted Myra Katz, and our worries were over. She took him to the hospital every day, reviewed his daily laboratory tests with his medical team and met with the doctors as needed. She made sure that all of his medications were correct and helped him manage his symptoms. Due to her compassion, medical knowledge, understanding of the medical system and dedication, we are happy to say that he did very well and never had any complications."

— Shivaun Celano and Paul Celano, MD