Why You Need an Advocate

Has your mother ever complained to you for days on end about back pain? Or, said that she stopped taking a certain medication? You advise her to discuss this with her doctor at her visit. When she gets home, do you ask , “What did the doctor say about your back? What he say about your medication, do you to be on it?” She says, “Oh, I forgot to ask.”  You try to call the office and leave message after message and can't get an answer.

Do you live out of town, or are unable to accompany your loved ones to their doctors visit, for medical testing or for treatment? Are you aware that many providers do not have all of your records, and even if they do may not have the time to review them?

Katz Patient Advocate will be there and be sure that all of your questions are answered.

Do you have copies of all of your medical test results?  Do you assume that because you weren’t called, they were “normal.”  DON’T. 

Are you aware that some medications to treat cancer have a maximum dosage that you can receive over your lifetime or you can be at risk for heart failure?

Do you know that there is a lifetime cap on how much radiation that you can receive in your lifetime?  If you have EVER had radiation, do you know how much you had?

Are you aware that paper medical records only have to be kept for seven years before they are permanently destroyed?

If any of these questions raised an eyebrow, contact Katz Patient Advocate today.