Why Choose Katz Patient Advocate

Katz Patient Advocate is compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable. We have time to listen and help you format an individualized care plan.  When a person is diagnosed with cancer, they frequently feel that they are the only person with cancer, and want to be taken care of now - - right now.  We understand that, and will be there for you and your family in ways that the health care system, in its current state, doesn’t allow.  There is nobody more important than you or your family members, and we will be sure that you receive whatever you need. Katz Patient Advocate will provide peace of mind as your treatment options are reviewed, and will work you through your “journey.” Rest assured that we will save you both time and money. 

When someone is diagnosed with cancer or a chronic, life altering disease, we sometimes forget, or don’t realize, how difficult it is on your family.  We will be there to support everyone, not only the patient. Often, there is not a protocol or support system to help you on your journey or the unexpected detour which can cause emotional as well as financial hardships.

Myra Katz was fortunate to have worked with an incredibly compassionate oncologist who taught her, “Beware the oncologist who runs on time.” This is not to say it is okay to be late, but sometimes visits require more time, and he was great about realizing who needed it and when.  And, the most amazing thing happened, patients “got it” and understood that if they ever needed the time, they would get it.  He also spent an inordinate amount of time explaining over and over again, as oftentimes when in the middle of a health crisis, we don’t always hear everything. He is the exception, and as your advocate, we will do the same for you.


"Over the nine years that Myra Katz and I worked together, she was a fierce and compassionate advocate for her patients.  She is smart, hard working and has great experience in helping patients navigate the complicated world of medicine."

— Robert B. Donegan, MD