Over the nine years that Myra Katz and I worked together, she was a fierce and compassionate advocate for her patients. She is smart, hard working and has great experience in helping patients navigate the complicated world of medicine.

Robert B. Donegan, MD // Chief, Division of Medical Oncology at GBMC

When we found out that our family member required a bone marrow transplant, and were told that was not able to be left alone, and had to have daily treatment at Johns Hopkins Hospital, my husband and I were not sure how to proceed. We contacted Myra Katz, and our worries were over. She took him to the hospital every day, reviewed his daily laboratory tests with his medical team and met with the doctors as needed. She made sure that all of his medications were correct and helped him manage his symptoms. Due to her compassion, medical knowledge, understanding of the medical system and dedication, we are happy to say that he did very well and never had any complications. We highly recommend Myra Katz.

Shivaun Celano and

Paul Celano, MD - Herman and Walter Samuelson Medical Director at GBMC

My recent diagnosis with breast cancer started a chapter in my life that no one wants to face alone. It is difficult to wade through the available information and options about cancer treatments without a knowledgeable guide. I was fortunate to locate Katz Patient Advocate, Inc who helped me examine my prescribed treatment plan based on best practices rather than on insurance expediency. Katz Patient Advocate, Inc knew which questions would help me get to the answers I needed to ensure that my treatment plan was the best for me. With their help, I pursued a second opinion which changed my treatment plan to one which was less invasive. I now consider my cancer to be a chapter in my life that is behind me. Katz Patient Advocate, Inc was part of ensuring the chapter had a happy ending.

Sharon T.



If you are looking for a loyal and knowledgeable patient advocate, look no further than Myra Katz. Myra has advocated for and supported me through two bouts of cancer; one quite common, the other extremely rare. In both cases, Myra made recommendations and got me in quickly with two expert surgeons due to her experience and strong network. Throughout my treatments, she has been a source of strength and knowledge, always available to answer my questions, accompany me to doctor’s appointments, chemotherapy treatments, and offer sound advice, allowing me to make educated decisions.

As I deal with the medial bureaucracy and doctors that often forget a patient’s mental and emotional well-being is as important as the medical regimen, I am grateful to have a person like Myra in my corner. She is a compassionate medical professional in every sense.

Shelley E.